The technology behind Shadow of the Colossus

This article covers a lot of technology including: HDR effects, level-of-detail, stencil-buffer shadows, motion blur, collision detection, inverse kinematics, and fur rendering. A very, very good read.

It’s rare to see a detailed technical article like this from such a high profile game developer on the web. I strongly recommend that all the games/graphics programmers reading this check it out.

Update: It’s interesting to note that the main character is modelled as a sphere for collision detection.

Microsoft interview followup

I just realised that I had a major typo on my previous post about the Microsoft phone interview! It’s now been corrected. I told them that I was not looking for work at the moment.

While on the subject, shortly after I e-mailed them back I got a polite response asking me to consider sending an application after I have enjoyed a long break.