Short trip to Singapore

I just got back from a short trip to Singapore. It was great times, I’m really glad that I went, and I hope to have occasion to return later in the year.

I was originally expecting to go to Freeplay last weekend, but Heidi had a workshop in Singapore and wanted some company. Plus, the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) was on and I figured that I could check it out.

I got to wander around by myself during the day and then hung out with Heidi at night. I made a little check-list of things to do and got through most of them, so it felt pretty productive (note that most items were food-related).

Anyhow, here are a bunch of photos. Let’s start with this one of a place near Chinatown with awesome Chicken Rice set meals for AU$3.50:

The apparently well-regarded (although that one guy gave them 7/10) Song Fa Bak Kuh Teh was also pretty good. This European guy next to me got all sorts of intestines, and a Japanese couple nearby seemed to have heard about it online.

While I took the opportunity to touch up on my Singlish, I found that some groups were discouraging it entirely.

This photo was taken near the Riverside hi-so area. It’s some sort of outdoor cooler… but why would you make it look like that? Why?

STGCC was a pretty seamless mix of Western and Eastern comics, art, and games. I suppose that it was a lot like Singapore, but with more rangers and storm-troopers.

For me, the highlight of the convention was the talk by Simone Legno, the artist behind tokidoki. He spoke about building a lifestyle brand over the course of 10 years, delving into his personal history, artistic influences, product development, and rising corporate profile. It was a fantastic talk.

Here’s a photo of Simone signing the panels of the tokidoki booth:

Hmmm, yeah so that was my trip. I want to go back later in the year for more of the food. Maybe a group trip. Let’s do it! 😀