Half-life 2 characters in Australian suburbia

This is hilarious! I love the one with the super-soldier knocking on the back door :). Ripped from http://www.bigkid.com.au/

“An Australian member on the facepunchstudios.com forums has been putting together some clever realistic renders of Half Life 2 models using High Dynamic Range rendering in 3DStudio Max. The models are composited into real world environments (ie. Aussie suburbia) and the results look quite stunning…”

Not sure why I like this

(Blog title is a link)

I don’t know if it’s the “pfft” adolescent style or the (inadvertent?) political message, but I like this picture. Looking at the rest of this guy’s website reveals an almost unhealthy obsession with J. Mascis: song lyrics and reference to album covers. There’s also a boat-load of pieces that epitomize angst and mid-nighties grunge. Aside from that, it’s a bit of a mixed bag to me.

A few snippets: very angsty, lyrics, seen this somewhere before

Who posted this message?

Meng pointed out that you can’t tell who posted a message (or what blog it was posted to) from the main (aggregrated) blog page. I had a look into it and it’s because of the theme. Either the PHP isn’t generating who posted, or the CSS is ignoring it.

Maybe we should look at a different theme. I like the current one (nice and basic), but Jim and I like this one: kubrick2evo. It’s easy to change its look just by changing image files. Could you install it Jim? And if noone has any great opposition, I think it will make a better default.

Mostly not too sick anymore

Feeling much better than I have for the last week or so. Although I still sound like a tuba. Still, it could be worse. A girl I went to high-school with looked rather masculine and when she had a sore throat (and she sounded like a tuba) people who didn’t know her thought she was a transvestite.