Wedding photos!

Heidi and I aren’t married yet, but it’s common in Thailand to have photos taken before the wedding so that you can show them off at the wedding.

We’ve been pretty happy with Pichitta Wedding House providing for pretty much all our wedding needs. They’ve made the two wedding dresses (one Thai style and one Western style) and two suits (ditto). They’re also taking care of the invitations and photography.

Here’s a photo of their shop front. It’s a two storey place with western-style downstairs and Thai-style clothing upstairs.


After a fitting day (which was great for Heidi, but I needed some changes to my suits) we spent the next day in the studio (from 10:30am to 3:30pm!). Here’s me getting my hair done:


It’s common to have a few different photo shoots each with a different theme. We went with:

  • Cowboy/Cowgirl: which we brought along ourselves. 😉
  • Prom/Party style: which they threw in as a “bonus” round.
  • Western style wedding: very fun and energetic
  • Thai style wedding: much more subdued
  • Japanese: a little cheesy… with a sword and kimono. 🙂

I liked the Cowboy one the best, then the Western style wedding one. They had a DVD ready the next day with all the photos and we are getting a photo-book made up. Here’s an unofficial shot of us in cowboy getup just after the photo-shoot (with the fake blue sky background still there).


Overall the photos turned out really well (honestly, far beyond our expectations).

There were a few duds at the end… when we were tired and my cold was really bothering me… I looked pretty… angry. I highly recommend getting photos done early like this. I imagine it’s much less stressful than trying to to everything on the wedding day!

Navalai River Resort

We’re in Japan now, but Heidi and I spent the last few days at the Navalai River Resort in Bangkok.

It’s on the Chao Phraya in “The Old Siam” area of Bangkok, which is a bit touristy (particularly Khao San Road), but with some classy places moving in (such as the Navalai!).

The Navalai website is pretty awesome as well. Everything on it is true. For example, Heidi and I totally did:

Enjoy the optimize of the relaxation, the hip design and the desire of the perfection.

The coolest thing about the location of the hotel was that there was a riverboat station at the back, and it was easy to go down to Sathorn and hop onto the BTS Skytrain to head down to Silom or Siam Square (where I picked up some cool shirts).

Here’s a view from our hotel room:


It was also pretty close to Chinatown and the wedding shop… which I’ll post about next. 😉