Found in translation

Heidi and I were at Morning Glory in Chinatown a few days ago and these novelty waste paper bins caught our eye:

Not really because they stood out from the other novelty items in the store, but more due to the description on the packaging:

Much like many other slogans we’ve seen (such as a character called “Sodomi”… printed on the back of cute underwear), this seems a little too convenient.

8bit D&D

Has anyone seen this flash animation and had a sinking feeling that they’d seen it all before?

The audio was ripped from a first-gen Playstation2 game called “Summoner”. I remember in my honours year, Ben brought in his (brand new!) PS2 and showed it to us. Yes, it was funnier the first time.

Update: According to milkandcookies, both use audio by “the Dead Alewives, a Wisconsin-based comedy troupe.”

Finding love on the Internet

The Internet is a great thing and useful in many ways, but is it really the cure all (for our social and personal problems) that many hoped it would become?

I’ve always been optimistic about the possible impact of the Internet on the world at large. How could you ignore starving children when the Internet brings them to your doorstep? If nobody understands you in your neighbourhood, maybe someone on the Internet will?

I’m not quite sure what happened. Misinformation is rampant. Racists find justification for their wack ideas. People still use AOL. Advertising still rules. Independent product reviews are modified by the website they are submited to as to not upset their sponsors. Fox just bought millions in Internet stock. IGN is going public. What is going on?

Anyhow, rather than give up all hope. I figured that I’d try a simple test. We’ve all heard stories, but can you find love on the Internet? First stop: google. First hit: “the love calculator”. Hmmm… I put in my name… and my girlfriend’s name… 13%. Crap. Okay, what about first and last names… 95%. Pretty good.

Still at the website… I’m a gamer geek, so I have to try this… my name… “Nintendo DS”… 99%.

OMG. I’m not sure what to draw from this. Does it restore my faith in the Internet? Somewhat. It reminds me of all the stupid things that are on the Internet because someone wanted it there. I suppose that alone is good enough for me. The world will have to take care of itself.