OpenGL in Firefox?

Warning: This post probably won’t make sense to people who aren’t graphics programmers.

I came across this interesting blog post today: Canvas 3D: GL power, web-style

Could this lead to native GL support in Firefox? That would be awesome. Although looking at the source code of the example pages is crazy… it’s like GL sample code crashed into a Javascript tutorial. How crazy could it get? Could you use AJAX and COLLADA to create a live multi-user modelling program? That’s crazy!

Internet access! Glorious internet access!

Yay! I have internet access at home again!

We moved houses around 2 weeks ago now, but the telephone line wasn’t disconnected by the previous tenant so our telephone connection, hence our ADSL connection, was delayed.

Unfortunately internet access here is slower than our last place. Stil internet is better than no internet (and it’s still >6Mb… just).

Watermelon seed scorpion!

I made a Scorpion out of watermelon seeds left in my bowl after dessert.


I declare it awesome!

The watermelon seeds all sort of stuck together (due to hydrogen bonds?) and it was really easy to create pictures. I also made a ring, and the number eight (it was a “magic eight bowl”; har har), and the letter A (which I was ridiculed for since it wasn’t as awesome as the ring or number eight; that ridicule led me to the awesomeness above).

Update: The stinger is a bit of strawberry calyx that was also in the bowl.

More good news

Things keep getting better: after getting engaged to Heidi, I got a promotion at work, and found a new place to live (a rental house near work; we sign the lease tomorrow morning). Also, I finally somehow managed to find some free time to post to my blog. Yay!

Note: No engagement photos yet; the ring is being resized and I just wanted to post a picture of it on Heidi’s hand.