New style DS mockup

After reading about how Nintendo is planning a makeover for the DS (ala the GameBoy Advance SP), I made a quick mockup of what it could look like. It’s basically a bit of GameBoy micro + the original DS prototype shown at E3 (last year?).

I made it much smaller than the current DS, and the stylus is housed sideways (slides in from the top right). The start and select buttons are at the front as are the power and wireless LEDs. I didn’t include a GameBoy cartridge slot; I figured that they might drop backwards compatibility like how the GB micro is only GB Advance compatible (it won’t play GB or GBC games).

I guess if they want to stick with the “faceplates” thing that seems to be all the rage at the moment, they could make quite larges areas that could be “personalised” (with designs you can buy from a store). Here’s one in colour with areas in red that could be replaced with a “showcase of your individuality”:

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