Weekend bread making efforts

This is a follow-up to Mat’s previous post which served as a prelude to yesterday’s “Yakitate fest”. Tone, Mat, Minh, Jim, and Menghis came over to watch anime, play video games, and (most imporantly) bake bread.

We each setup on a different section of the kitchen bench and got to work mixing ingredients and kneeding dough. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Mat guided us through the whole process. His bandana denotes his superiority. I’m sporting a head-band to stay hygenic.

The major outcome of the day were that fun was had by all, but here are a few other statistics.

  • Best bread: Tone & Minh
  • Heidi’s pick (after blind taste test): Mat
  • Total bread making time: over 9 hours!
  • Lessons learnt: You can’t get a yeast infection from undercooked bread.

I look forward to our future baking adventures! (More photos after the jump.) Continue reading “Weekend bread making efforts”

Awesome digital instrument from Toshio Iwai and YAMAHA

From the website:

Media Artist Toshio Iwai [creator of Electroplankton] and YAMAHA have collaborated to develop a new digital musical instrument for the 21st century, TENORI-ON.

There is a video on YouTube of Iwai demonstrating the device at a recent conference. The “performance” part of the video starts around halfway through and it is absolutely amazing.