Singstar Rocks!

Warning: This post contains gratuitous Australian cultural references.

The next version of Singstar will be “Singstar Rocks!”. Judging from the partial song list, it looks like it will contain fairly recent alt-pop-rock rather than 70-80’s glam or 80-90’s rock-and-roll.

Previous versions of Singstar have been localised for different regions. Here, the Australian version of Singstar Pop! includes songs from Shazza and Missy. I wonder if the local version of Singstar Rocks! will have a bit of Aussie Rock crammed in.

Unfortunately, it’s probably unlikely to contain old-school Barnsey or Farnsey. So you may be dissapointed if you’re looking for a working class man. Likewise, you might not want to sing even though “you’re the voice”. (Moan. Bad, bad humour. My apologies.)

The list already includes one Aussie number in “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” by Jet. I didn’t know that this made it big anywhere outside of Australia… did it?