ANZAC Day midday service cancelled in Perth

Langley Park is a long and wide strip of grass between the Swan River and the City of Perth. I’m lucky enough to live in a small apartment overlooking (part of) the park and river.

Over the last few days I’ve seen bleechers, plastic chairs, speakers, and a massive outdoor screen set up in Langley Park. There was clearly a lot of preparation going into organising the ANZAC Day service scheduled for midday yesterday. Unfortunately, rain set in around 10am and the service was cancelled at around 11am.

The crowds of people were clearly disappointed. Veterans were unable to formally show their respect for their fallen comrades and the general public was unable to communicate their appreciation through solidarity. At least that’s how I felt, and I suppose that’s why I’m using this blog as an public outlet.

Like other days of rememberance, ANZAC Day should never be seen as a mechanism to bolster nationalism. The most important aspect is a reflection upon war, the horror of which can only be justified as a means of absolute last resort in defense of the innocent. War and the actions of those involved should never be taken lightly, and we must stand by those that have fallen, those that have served, and those that have been affected. Lest we forget.