Vigorboard for $49.95 (AU)

During my recent absence from this blog, I bought a Vigorboard (also called The Wave, ex-board, and essboard as mentioned in a previous post).

I paid far too much and they are now available from for $49.95. Hopefully the ones from soldsmart have a plain design like the one pictured on the product page (the graphics design on my one is prett naff). Actually, everything about the one on soldsmart looks better (the grips, the wheels, and the carry case).

If you want to try to get them even cheaper, soldsmart have a number of them on eBay Australia. If you want to check them out “in motion” the eBay product page has a link to a promotional video.

I’ll post my thoughts on the Vigorboard over the weekend, but for now I’ll just say that it is easy to pick up and a load of fun.