Game Boy micro for $49AU!

All colours of the Game Boy micro are on sale for $49AU at David Jones. I highly recommend the Game Boy micro if you don’t already have a Game Boy Advance SP or Nintendo DS. (Hey, I was even recommending it when it was $98AU!). Combined with either Wario Ware or Chu Chu Rocket, this is a fantastic portable gaming device.

All PC and console games are also on sale for 15% off. I’ve found that David Jones is a good place to find games that are either very niche or very popular. It seems that they just order one or two of everything that comes out and then they sit on the shelves forever because no-one really goes to David Jones to buy games. I’ve bought the moderately rare Rez and Space Channel 5 Part 2 there before.

Update: I also got Big Brain Academy for $42.45AU. It’s similar to Brain Training, but much more “visual” (like the logic puzzles in IQ tests).