Heirrison Island

Heirrison Island (google maps page here) is a small island between Perth and Victoria Park.

I’ve only really thought of it as the middle part of The Causeway, two bridges that combine with a major road over Heirisson Island to connect the north and south shores of the Swan River. I’ll drive over it around once a week to visit people who live south of the river, but I’ve never really stopped to have a look around.

Late yesterday, Heidi and I decided to ride our bikes around Heirisson Island. There is a dual use (bicycles and pedestrians) dirt path and we’ve been trying to explore new areas (instead of riding the same route around the Swan River each time we take the bikes out). We were surprised to find that half of the island is fenced in, and more suprised to see a sign mentioning kangaroos.

We continued through the two metal gates (which reminded me of an air-lock) and soon came across the park ranger in a 4WD. He asked if we had seen the kangaroos and mentioned that three of them were up ahead near the Yagan statue. We saw the kangaroos, but didn’t approach them (in accordance with the sign we read on the way in).

Later on, we saw another three kangaroos and the ranger was stopping by to feed them. He waved us over and gave us some kangaroo feed, saying that if you keep your hand flat they will eat right out of it. He mentioned that there are six kangaroos (all female) provided by CALM.

I was a little dissapointed that I didn’t have my camera, but I’ll take some photos next time. It’s great that there is something like this so close to the city!