Castle Bundt

I bought Heidi a Nordic Ware castle bundt pan from Peters of Kensington. The product page begins with the lines:

Run for your lives! The Vikings are coming!

Don’t be afraid – these Nordic warriors aren’t here to burn down your homes. They’re here to help you make delicious cakes!

So I immediately knew that it was the right gift! (That and I saw Heidi checking it out online a few months ago). The day it arrived Heidi decided to make a cake (even though we only had 2 hours before we had to go out). She unwrapped the package, started mixing the ingredients, and got me to clean the pan:

An hour or so later, and it was done. Just in time for Tone to have some as well (he was giving me a ride). It was a chocolate cake:

The next cake she make looked more castle-like. It was… some sort of orange butter cake I think. Much lighter in colour, so the details stood out a bit more. No photo because it was eaten very quickly…

Update: The Nordic Ware website has a great picture of a castle bundt made to look like a sand castle.

Futon for sale

I’m selling a double-size, tri-fold, futon sofa-bed. The base is pine and Australian hardwood, and covered with a few coats of clear varnish. The futon is 100% cotton and comes with a nice dark chocolate coloured cover. It’s around 18 months old and has been very rarely used.

I bought it from Fantasy Futon and more information (including images and dimensions) is available on the product page.

Brand new, this futon was $469. I’m expecting to sell it for less than half that. If interested, you can e-mail me at: gamefreedom `at`

Update: Item is located in Perth, Western Australia. 😛