The biggest social event on the Perth digital media calendar is fast approaching. You don’t want to miss out on MASSIVE 2006.


From the website:

MASSIVE is an end of year event held for all members of the Western Australian Digital Creative Industries. This one night brings together the WA Digital Community in order to celebrate another sucessful year. 2006 is the 5th year which MASSIVE has been held. Last year saw over 320 people attend so this year is set to be bigger than ever!


  • Time/Date: 6:00pm, Tuesday, 12th of December 2006
  • Location : Top floor of The Brass Monkey, Northbridge
  • Cost: Free! (But please RSVP for catering purposes)

If you are interested in formally supporting this event (by providing prizes or financial support) check out the supporter packages available. It’s a great opportunity to engage digital media professionals in Perth.

This event is being organised by SIGGRAPH Perth Chapter (disclosure: I’m a board member). Please say thanks to the team when you see them at the event; Particular thanks should go to Minh for working so hard to find a venue. I don’t think that this event would be going ahead without all of her hard work.

I’ll post more details as the event approaches. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section, and I’ll try to answer them in subsequent posts.

OneTwenty feed reader

I’m using planet to aggregate news headlines from various sites I think may be of interest to the OneTwenty crowd (and like-minded individuals). I use Liferea for my personal feed reading needs, but other OneTwenty members prefer to keep on top of news using their web browsers.

I quickly put something up just to see if it gets used. If so, I might work on it a bit more in future (adding categories and probably using AJAX to make the page update without requiring a manual refresh). Maybe even a login so that people can add your own feeds. No point getting ahead of myself here though!

Check it out here:

It’s fairly different to a standard planet website. I didn’t want to crowd the webpage with story details, so I went with a newspaper style 3 column layout. Rather than messing around with tables, I decided to use the CSS3 Columns extension which only seems to be supported by browsers using the Gecko rendering engine (eg. Mozilla, Firefox, and Epiphany amoung others).

Under other browsers, it all appears in a single column. You can see screenshots of the sites as viewed under other browser (Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Opera, and Safari) on (a very handy service!).

Please let me know if you find the new reader useful. Also feel free to suggest feeds (to be added or removed).