Interzone Games

I’ve posted before about Interzone Games possibly setting up in Perth. Since then… they have… and I’m working for them.

Due to an NDA I can’t really say much more than that. However, I can provide a few (publically available) details on the company and some general feelings on what it’s like to work for the only large games developer in Perth. Here’s all I’m going to say about the company:

Interzone Games is an MMO publisher based in the USA with a development studio (its first) here in Perth. It recently announced that it’s licensing BigWorld (an MMO middleware platform).

So I guess that gives you some idea of the company I work for and the technology I work with. Now for some general feelings. Hmmm… it’s pretty exciting to be working for a new company. People are joining every week and this creates a very dynamic work environment. Being part of a company in these early stages provides a unique vantage point from which to view the company’s growth, and I appreciate this opportunity.

Note: Wow. I just read this post and it came off as really dry. It’s not really; I’m just not sure what to say!