Funny Story? (Icey Ice)

Note: I thought that this was a funny story until I told it to spinboy (who gave it a 3 out of ten). Maybe it’s something that you need to have been there for, or to know the people involved. Tone gave it a 6… anyhow, here it is.


Heidi, Jim, and I decided to try out this new dessert parlour called Icey Ice. We had no idea what to expect, but the name was appealing. After perousing their menu for a while, we ordered. Heidi and I asked for a Strawberry Snow Ice and Jim asked for a Watermelon and Strawberry crushed ice drink.

Seemed normal enough. Then just after Jim ordered, the woman behind the counter cocked her head to one side and glared at him. After a slight pause she said:

You want a drink?

Perfectly delivered in a you-can’t-be-serious kind of voice! She continued with:

This is your first time here right? Our specialty is Snow Ice. You can get a drink anywhere. Nowhere else does Snow Ice… Are you suuure you want a drink?

We were flummoxed. Jim wanted to buy something and he absolutely got told off by the salesperson! Things don’t work like that! However… her argument made sense… and Jim changed his order to a Mango Snow Ice.

In other news, Snow Ice are pretty good. They taste like the sound of butterflies in a fruit orchid on a cold winter morning… (hmmm, that only sort of makes sense) … oh, and we got a plush Icey Ice mascot with our order. Jim kept it as a momento of his getting told off. 🙂