God Hand

While organising my games collection, I’ve been removing titles that I don’t think are worth keeping. There are quite a few wild cards (games I never really got into), and God Hand was one of them. I’d tentatively put it in the “get rid of pile”, but then I saw this video of the ending credits (found via GameSetWatch):

The lyrics are awesomely naff. For example:

Lead vocals: Dragon kick your ass into the Milky Way!
Backup vocals (high-pitched): Milky Way!


Lead vocals: Hyper-active fighting styles so slick they’ll make you drool!

While trying to find the lyrics, I found this glowing review and game summary at Hardcore Gaming 101. I was reminded of why this game was on my purchase list in the first place:

God Hand is like a mid 80s arcade game brought up to vaguely current standards, except it’s actually somewhat self conscious of how ridiculous the whole concept is. The result is one of the freshest video games released in a long time, which was essentially the point of the now-defunct Clover Studios.

I see a God Hand games night in the not-too-distant future.

jwz on backups

I’m imagining in response to high-profile director Francis Ford Coppola’s loss of 15 years worth of data, Jamie Zawinski has made a public service announcement blog post on backing up your data.

Choice quote:

If you are using a Mac, the command you use to back up is this:

sudo rsync -vaxE --delete --ignore-errors / /Volumes/Backup/

If you’re using Linux, it’s something a lot like that. If you’re using Windows, go fuck yourself.

I wasn’t really expecting that last sentence. It made me LOL.