Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday and I don’t yet have any plans.

I’ve floated the idea of a “role reversal” day so that we could take some time to appreciate things from the other person’s perspective. Heidi asked if that meant I would go to the gym (using her scooter). Hmmm… I’m not too keen on that idea.

I also can’t really see Heidi playing video games for very long before getting frustrated and bored. The reality of role reversal would probably add a bitter taste to the sweet satisfaction that could come from better appreciating each other. I like the concept though. Maybe we just have to approach it differently.

I’ve actually rather come around to scheduled cultural holidays and ceremonies. I used to think that they were stupid: they all seem to be more about selling people crap that they don’t need than any purpose. Capitalism hijacked holidays from religions which put their stamp on events that I assume have always been an important part of society.

It’s healthy to set aside time to: reflect on the previous year and plan for the next, honour your parents and teachers, reflect on your own aging, and (in this case) consider who you love and express your feelings plainly. It seems to me that having one day a year dedicated to these endeavours has really helped societies progress this far. It’s like how having a rent inspection reminds you to clean the house.

We’re planning to buy a house sometime in the next year or so. Maybe we’ll go look display homes together on Saturday.