Surprise! Food that looks like a face!

A few weeks ago, Heidi and I had a Swedish themed dinner party. This week we made some food for a “suprise theme” dinner party at a friend’s place in East Perth.

The surprise theme was known only to the chefs and everyone else would have to guess what it was. I picked the theme, trying to choose someting that would be easy to satisfy and fairly obvious. Anyhow, the theme was “faces”!

Rich made entres (or “appetizers” for all the Americans out there) with a lot of cheese and pastry. The only really obvious face food were these mini pizzas with tomato mouths and jalapeno chilli eyes:


Here’s my favourite one (the mouth fell off the pizza, so it looks kinda funny):


Heidi and I made an eggplant pastitsio… it was alright:


Finally, the real star of the evening. We have cheesy smiley faces, and a vegetable face, and we ended with a familiar face. Minh made this awesome lime tarte which she decorated with a picture of Jim‘s face. Unfortunately, Jim’s hair is just too massive, so she had to downsize it (or the entire image… I can’t remember) so that it would fit:


Good times. 😀