Flash development for C programmers

Well, for C programmers using (Ubuntu) GNU/Linux… similar instructions may apply for Windows development.

Install the ActionScript2 compiler (mtasc):

sudo aptitude install mtasc

Write an ActionScript2 program (in a file called “main.as”):

class App
	static function main(mc)
		_root.createTextField("tf",0,0,0,320, 240);
		_root.onMouseMove = function()
			_root.tf.text = "X: " + _root._xmouse + "\nY: " + _root._ymouse;

Create a makefile:

CC = mtasc
CFLAGS = -main -header 320:240:20:666666
DEBUG = -v
DEPS = main.as

default: example

	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -swf example.swf $(DEPS)
	rm -f example.swf

Run make:


(Hmmm, it was probably a little gratuitous making that command explicit here…)

Embed flash applet in a webpage using the following html embed snippet:

Final product (mouse-over for action… well… “not inaction”):

Next steps: swfmill and Inkscape… maybe haxe.