Goodbye Interzone

I thought that I would use the same title as Joseph’s goodbye post to let people know that I’ve formally resigned from my position as a VP at Interzone Entertainment.

As announced on the corporate website and as evident by the Australian Interzone Futebol website, the team is currently preparing for an Australian Closed Beta (the first English-language Closed Beta for the game).

If you are a PC-gamer or soccer fan in Australia (especially if you are in Perth) you should really check it out. I can’t reveal any game details here, but I will say that it is a fantastic game built by some amazing people!

I’m immensely proud to have led the development team in getting the game to this point, and I have every confidence in those that will be taking it to a commercial launch and beyond.

I’m going to live the quiet and relaxed life for a while; with marriage in a couple of months and a lot of blogging in my near future. Take care Interzone. 🙂

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