Work day

Today was a “work day” with little internet browsing and no gaming; I’ve got a lot to do for the upcoming exhibit, personal projects, and local industry evangelism!

I finished writing the first draft of the Perth Games Industry Report (based on the local industry survey that will run until next Tuesday). Clearly, the report is based on current results, but it should be easy to update when the survey is closed.

Thanks to Paul from Black Lab Games for providing an excellent foreword to the report. It’s a little nostalgic (which is endearing) and shows how far we’ve come in the last few years.

The plan for work next week includes:

  • Final version of the report (online and hardcopies sent to key people in the industry, government, and educational institutes)
  • Forward plan to implement practical measures to grow local industry (based on survey results)
  • Construct all pieces for art exhibition and put together an artist statement and profile

I guess writing it here makes me accountable for it! 😛