OneTwenty events

I helped Minh a little bit today with some events organisation.

Those in the Perth “scene” will know that IGDA and PIGMI have run most of the games industry social events over the last year. There’s generally some sort of event every 3-4 months and it’s always great to catch up with people.

Aside from these social events, there are also more interactive events such as GameJam and Nullarbor, and commercial events such as GO3 Expo. I’d imagine there’s also a fair demographic overlap with other geek culture events such as WaiCon and Supanova.

Unfortunately, even with all this events action in Perth, there’s still no “same place, same time” sort of social event. To fill that gap, we (OneTwenty) will be organising regular meetups for people in the games industry: every other Tuesday at the Velvet Lounge.

We would like to coordinate with other organisations (especially IGDA and PIGMI) as much as possible, and we are happy to have events run (at the same venue) before or after these regular meetups. We’ll also working with GameTraders Carillon to run larger events at other venues.

Watch our for details on the first event (Tuesday, April 14) soon. It will be advertised in various places (including Xpress magazine) and we need at least 40 people to make it worthwhile (that shouldn’t be a problem right?!).

Let’s Make Games and the Cult of Done

I hit into a bit of a roadblock moving forward with the Let’s Make Games community profile document (summarising results of the recent survey) and website.

Basically, I was spending too much time trying to get all the visuals just right and it was compromising my timeline. On top of that, I had other things to work on and my timeboxes were all starting to be affected.

Here’s a quick mosaic of a few of the different variations for the community profile document (thanks to Simon for a bunch of the vector art and design number 4, and sorry for bothering you will endless creative changes!):


Um… ignore the last one. I probably could have stopped at number 3, or even just been more measured early on.

I felt myself on the verge of throwing way more time into this cover and then writing a new WordPress theme for the homepage. Neither of these activities are really necessary, and would both take a fair amount of time.

This reminded me of the Cult of Done Manifesto by Bre Pettis and Kio Stark and I decided to just get on with it (and other things). I just need a little reminder every now and then as it’s easy to fall into bad habits.

I’ve generally been pretty good at just “getting things done” regularly (as my blogging probably attests). It feels great! 😀

Dreamhost mail server down for over 24 hours

The Dreamhost mail server I’m assigned to has been down for over 24 hours… and it’s still down! Luckily, I have mail forwarding setup so that everything is mirrored to my gmail account (and that is still working).

It seems that every time I setup a new service on Dreamhost, it mysteriously goes down. When I initially setup, the webserver went down for a few hours. This time I had just setup a new email address.

Rather than saying “I hope it’s not me“, I’ll stick with “I hope this doesn’t happen again“. It make me disinclined to use shared hosting.

Update: Almost 36 hours and no resolution!

Update: Finally working after approximately 39 hours!