Snapshot exhibition flyer

Simon sent through the final version of the Snapshot exhibition flyer:


He did a fantastic job; It’s professional, clear, and captures what we were going for: an exhibition that conveys our impressions from recent travels.

We met yesterday to really drill down to what we want to do with this exhibition. At the start we were rather concerned about the different styles and approaches we are taking in order to communicate our impressions, and it felt like our works may be too disparate to consolidate into one exhibition.

Soon after, we realised that we were attempting to hold an exhibition to share our travel experiences, but we had neglected to really share our experiences with each other first. We spent a while discussing our trips, deconstructing them in regards to what we wanted to express, and explained how we were going about it.

I realised that our works will reveal as much about us as they do about our travels. I like the idea of the exhibition showcasing not only snapshots from our trips and our memories, but ultimately also snapshots of who we were when we visited these places and when we constructed these pieces.

In the end, I think that we both had a much better understanding of what we were (individually) going for, and that allowed us to progress with a joint artistic drive and appreciation for how to complement and contrast each others work. (It also made writing the press release a lot easier!)

I appreciate that all of this may not be necessary (many artists exhibit together just to share space), but it feels right to establish a level of harmony between our respective works.

We are driven by the same fundamental motivation, but we utilise strongly contrasting methods. I’m really excited to see how it all turns out. 🙂

Massive props to Simon for sorting out the venue and advertising!

Update: Opening Night will be on Friday, May 1st. I’ll change the flyer image above as soon as I get an updated version from Simon. Man, I feel awful for missing this scheduling conflict (see comments).

Indie Games Scene: Showcase and Mixer

OneTwenty is pleased to present its next event. 😀


  • Title: Indie Games Scene: Showcase and Mixer
  • Time/Date: 7:30pm – 10:00pm, Tuesday April 14 2009
  • Location: The Velvet Lounge, 639 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
  • Description: Making games? Bring them along and show them off! Like games? Have a drink and check out the local scene! Entry is free, but please note that this is a licensed venue (no entry to persons under 18 years).

Here’s a flyer that you may see around town over the next week:


A .pdf version is also available for download in case you would like to print and distribute flyers (it’s crazy fun times)!

We felt that a lot of people in the local games industry wanted to have regular casual events, so we’ve scheduled in two events and we will continue with fortnightly drinks (every other Tuesday night; sometimes coinciding with bigger events) if these go well.

We hope to see you all there and I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Minh for organising the venue and advertising!

Note: If you are on facebook, you can confirm your attendance on the facebook events page.

Finally finished report

I finally finished the Perth Games Industry Community Profile for Let’s Make Games.

It was a lot more work than I expected, and it’s unfortunate that a lot of that was wrestling with software. Here’s a list of issues that I ran into:

  • I had to recreate charts because Lime Survey only generates them in .png format (so they aren’t scalable or suitable for printing). Generating SVG charts would be a nice feature.
  • I created all art as plain coloured vector shapes since Inkscape‘s export to pdf via cairo doesn’t handle patterns or gradients well.
  • Open Office Writer makes it incredibly difficult to not put numbers on the opening pages, so some workaround were required.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m ungrateful for the wealth of free software that allowed me to conduct this survey and produce this report in the first place. I’m just being plain about shortcomings and areas for improvement.

Exhibition venue and dates!

Simon, henceforth to be known as AWESIMON, called yesterday to let me know that he has secured a venue for our planned “travel diaries” Art Exhibition. Yay!

I’ll need to confirm with Simawesome, but I gather that it will be held at Headquarters (YMCA) in Leederville during May 1-7.

Here’s a preview of my planned works with explainatory text pixelated out:


We’re meeting this weekend to work on a flyer, and I’ll post a few “artist statement” style snippets to this blog over the next few weeks. OMG! I’m so excitement my grammar fail!