E3 2009

Here are my thoughts on this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.


  • Project Natal was interesting. I’m skeptical about the granularity and consistency of controls and the lifespan of the product on Xbox360. I assume that it’s a test-bed for next-gen technology and that we won’t be seeing a fluid integration into the Xbox platform for many years.
  • Milo really doesn’t interest me. I want a game to entertain me, not the other way around. As an aside, I’m surprised to have not seen sensational news stories along the lines of “Peter Molyneaux wants you to play with young boys”. See also: Seaman and EyePet.
  • Games On Demand was the most interesting thing to me. However the pricing really has to be lower than retail stores for it to float.
  • Microsoft seemed to be more focussed on future technology (user interface and content delivery) than upcoming titles. It feels like Xbox360 is winding down. They are churning a lot of sequels preparing to test various ideas that may make it into the next console/platform.
  • Overall, I feel that Microsoft are overpromising and will definitely underdeliver. Project Natal will only really be suited to a certain set of “full body motion” games and Milo will fail to manifest into a mass-market consumer title (although aspects may appear in Lionhead’s future titles).


  • Sony felt a bit more measured than Microsoft. They are (obviously) also pursuing motion tracking, but draw on their EyeToy experience to recognise that controllers still have a place: “Can you imagine playing a shooter without a trigger?” It’s also clearly under development and not presented as the be-all-end-all of gaming. I guess part of their EyeToy experience is an appreciation for the actual market for this sort of input device.
  • PSP Go feels like an end-of-line product (much like the PSOne or GameBoy Micro). It’s great to see the UMD removed, more online integration, and the size/weight reduced… but it’s just a natural upgrade/redesign. Likely timed to compete with DSi and iPhone 3G. Personally, I’ll wait for the PSP2.


  • Meh. (Maybe they have nothing to prove.)

After seeing what’s coming out, here are the games that I’m most looking forward to:

To end this post, here’s a video of The Last Guardian:

It looks like it’s going to be all PS3 and DS for me in the near term. 😉

BTW: Thanks to Diomades for posting summaries and his thoughts on this year’s E3. I’d like to hear what others in Perth think about news that came out of E3 as well.