Music (Electrified)

Jack and Simon‘s top 10 songs posts have inspired me to post 10 songs that I like. Since I’m embedding videos, I’ll spread them out over a few posts.

I usually ignore lists like “the hottest 100 songs of all time” because:

  1. Aesthetics aren’t objective, static, universal, or one-dimensional
  2. People tend to put too much value on music (and media) preferences

As a result, I get the feeling that such lists often end up being a reflection of what respondents feel that they should like. I find it incredibly odd how much self-identity people derive from what music they like, and how much people judge others based on such subjective preferences.

So why would I post about songs that I like? Well, I’ve only come to learn about some of favourite musicians through other people and I appreciate people sharing things that they love (even if I don’t get into them).

And now onto the first song… “Electrified” by Dressy Bessy:

I first found out about Dressy Bessy via The Powerpuff Girls Soundtrack. It’s a great CD with music also contributed by Shonen Knife, Apples in Stereo, and Cornelius.

I love the stop-start pace of this song, the purposeful break to chorus, and the deliberate casual singing of Tammy Ealom. It feels like a lot of thought has been put into the juxtaposition of structured minimalism and hang-loose fun.

Hmmm… that’s enough for now. I’ll post more songs later. 😉