Pretentious game journalism

What a load of whiny crap:


What you like is stupid. You should like what I like.

It doesn’t take a genius to determine why mainstream titles sell better than esoteric “art” games. There is obviously much broader market appeal for high-quality 3D graphics and familiar gameplay, compared to low-res 2D graphics and confusing interactivity.

Since when is Passage objectively better than Assassin’s Creed? And why should the average mainstream gamer be held accountable for their subjective preference – not donating money to support stuff that they don’t like?

I’d love to see more people embrace games like Passage… just so that pretentious game journalists lose their perceived moral high ground and have to find some other cause that they can champion and feel superior about.

Note: Obviously, people should donate to indie developers if they want to support them. Calling mainstream titles crap, and talking down to consumers for buying them, is clearly not the best way to go about encouraging people to do so.