Kerbside collection

I love kerbside collection weekend! The two main reasons why I think it’s so fantastic are:

  1. You have a deadline to clear unnecessary things out from your house.
  2. Most things get picked up by other people before the rubbish collection people come along.

We’re moving house in a little while and want to minimise what we take (or put into storage). So we had a few things to put out including: a desk, inline skates, exercise weights, an easel, and some motorcycle helmets.

Most items were collected by people passing by (possibly trawling the neighbourhood) within a few hours. It’s great to know that they will be put to (re)use. 😀

We’re also gone through most of our things and we will be donating a few more items, and possibly putting some up for sale online (a couple of bikes, a Commodore 64, a bunch of DVDs and games).

It all feels very… refreshing. 🙂