Busy Day (or “Let’s Make Mocap”)

Yesterday was a busy day. I forgot to eat lunch and didn’t realise it until much later.

I spent the morning working on Let’s Make Games stuff. Started with a bit of work on the most recent (April-September) community report. Then a fair amount of communication to help coordinate our upcoming end-of-year party. Finally, I threw together a quick redesign for the website (the old one was very “bleh”) and added some new content (mostly links).

After all of that, I picked up Rowan so that he could do some motion capture with Buddhi down at Beyond Motion. Buddhi’s friend Glenn was there as well and took some great photos. Here’s one:

Day2 D700 081 copy

I got some game programming in while down at Beyond Motion, but I still have quite a bit to do in order to stay on schedule for our game prototype (tomorrow morning is looking busy too!).

I also have to set-up some way for the art team to get builds of the game and submit new assets. Normally, I’d use Subversion – but I’ve heard horror stories about using Unity3D with version control. For those technically inclined, I’m going to try restricting write access to the library folder and for various operations on the assets folder. Either that or just use export/import and some basic access management via ftp (or similar). Any tips?