Half of 25% of me

I had a weird waking dream this morning.

Heidi was getting up to go to the markets. She asked if I wanted to go. I said that I was really tired; I just wanted to sleep. She said “That’s fine. You sleep. I just need to take half of 25% of you”.

I didn’t understand what that meant…

Heidi pulled my left arm out from under the covers and started massaging my forearm, slowly moving from the elbow down to my hand. One of the wrinkles in my palm opened up and Heidi pushed a small version of me out from it, causing me to shrink by 25%.

Heidi then looked at the smaller version of me; it looked up at her. Then she quickly and purposefully “karate-chopped” it into two even smaller versions of me. She picked them up and put then into the pockets of her dressing gown. They stood looking up at her with their arms hanging out.

“All right” she said, “I’m off.”

I woke up thinking: “You said you wanted half of 25%. Shouldn’t I keep one here?”

Cooking hair

I singed my hair while cooking Beef Bourguignon. A fireball of burning alcohol gas took off a fair amount of hair from my hands and from my fringe. Despite the obvious downsides, it was pretty cool. (Hopefully I don’t have to cut my hair.)

Pro-tip: When cooking meat in red wine, be sure to burn-off the alcohol before putting a sealed lid on the pot.