Rockstar hair

I wonder if I can cut my own hair?

Awwwwlright! I’m like a Korean movie star! (Thanks for the complement, Barbara!)

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about posting this here, but I figured that people might search for “cutting your own hair” and want some tips, or just the confidence to get the haircut that they really want to try out.

I’m still surprised that there were so many responses to my hair straightening post from back in 2006, but I’m really glad that so many people (particularly guys) who were nervous about doing something to their hair were sort of… empowered.

I enjoyed this comment from “pravi”:

hey guys, i thought id pop in and say thanks to nick. IT was freaking annoying (especialliy for a guy) for someone who taking steps into the unknown.

Without boasting, it has changed my social life and i do get the random person with a request for my number for drinks etc…u get the drift.

A great outcome, especially considering his original comment:


I cut my hair last week, so friends on facebook and people following me on twitter will have already seen the picture above.

My favourite facebook comment was from Milton:

braveness brings rewards

So true. Accordingly, if you’ve ended up here because you’re thinking about trying something new, I say go for it! It could be a resounding success, and it won’t be the end of the world if it doesn’t work out exactly as you’d hoped.

(Incidentally, my back-up plan was to shave my head… maybe next time.)