Tom’s Minecraft notebook

My nephew Tom is really into Minecraft.

I’m pretty surprised that he is so into it. Not because I don’t think see how the game would appeal to him, but because he can’t actually play it on his home computer. So the only times that he’s played the game are the few occasions when I’ve let him use my laptop.

Despite only playing the game a couple of times, Tom is completely enamoured by the visuals (“Everything is blocky!”) and core game-play concept (“You can make anything you want!”).

He appears to have spent hours watching Minecraft videos on Youtube in order to learn crafting techniques (in preparation for one day playing the game again). When he had trouble remembering how to make things, he started keeping a journal and filled it with diagrams.

Here he is showing off his notebook:

And here are some photos of his diagrams:

Update: Eventually, he found Minepedia and stopped updating his book. Also, his parents bought a new computer…

Update: With the new computer, Tom’s been playing at home in the free creative mode. I think that means he can’t save yet (?). Anyhow, his birthday is coming up and it’s no secret what he’s getting. 😉

Update: Fixed grammatical error.