Every Australia Day I…

Every Australia Day I have the same thoughts:

  1. Australia Day should really be on a different calendar day
  2. We should really be a republic by now
  3. We should really change that flag

Australia has an appalling record of gross mistreatment of Indigenous Australians. Scheduling the national day of Australia to fall on a date representing colonisation is: At best, in awfully poor taste; At worst, an instrument for wilful and malicious socio-cultural subjugation.

Speaking of subjugation, why do we still support a foreign monarch? In this day and age… it’s pretty amazing (and embarrassing). Surely we can work out some other model of governance.

So every Australia Day I come to the same conclusions:

  1. We should become a republic
  2. We should mark the date we do so by making it the new Australia Day
  3. And we should remove the Union Jack from the flag

It seems pretty straight-forward to me. Maybe we could even become a republic on January 26 – provided we do something to properly reconcile all Australians (a simple “sorry” isn’t enough). Hmmm, I’m sure that it will happen eventually.