Posting work-related stuff at Guts Up!

Minh and I are posting work-related stuff over at Guts Up! every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Most of the stuff we can post about is concerned with:

  • Video streaming
  • HTML5, WebGL, multi-touch
  • Natural user interface developing using the Kinect
  • Cloud-based server hosting

So follow our posts if that sort of thing interests you.

In other news, it turns out that I like routine. Here’s my rough weekly schedule:

  • Monday: Let’s Make Games
  • Tuesday: Semi-secret online video business
  • Wednesday: Business administration, contract work
  • Thursday: Contract work
  • Friday: Contract work, Music game development
  • Saturday: Farmers Market, hanging with Heidi
  • Sunday: Yum Cha, socialising

I feel like there should be another day at the end of the week, and the activity should simply be “PROFIT”.