Push the button!

I came across this article on “one button action games” from Gamevil, a South Korean game developer. Their claim to fame is a title called “Skipping Stone” and it’s pretty obvious just from the name what the game is about (and you can probably even imagine the gameplay).

Check out the article on Gamasutra for more information.

Game Developers Conference summary

Just a quick overview of the news from GDC’06. There is a good roundup on Next Generation and you can find more detailed information on the usual sites.

General news:

  • It looks like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are all hoping to break the retail model with the introducion of their download services.
  • PS3 doesn’t live up to the “target renders” from last year’s E3. (Gasp!)
  • Shadow of the Colossus gets almost half of the Game Developers’ Choice Awards.

Nintendo news (from Iwata’s keynote; see the press release):

  • There will be Sega Genesis and TurboGraphix games on the Revolution’s Virtual Console Service.
  • Zelda: Phantom Hourglass was announced for Nintendo DS! See the video.

What happened to the announcement of the official name for the Nintendo Revolution?