Eating out in Perth

I figured that I would make another (more recent) list of places to eat in Perth.

Most of the places listed are around Victoria Park and Northbridge. There’s also a pretty heavy emphasis on Asian food and everything listed is reasonably priced. This probably just indicates my personal tastes (in locales, foods, and prices). 😉

Anyhow, here’s the list! (organised by type of food):

  • Thai: S&T Thai. Get the gai yang or num tok set. (Alternative: Siam Kitchen)
  • Korean: Took Be Gi. Try the kimchee chagae and pear juice.
  • Burgers: V Burger. Try the Classic V Burger with chips and aioli. Onion rings are good too, but pretty oily. (Alternative: Jus Burger)
  • Lebanese: The Prophet. The mixed platter is fantastic. As are the complementary bread, pickles, and garlic sauce.
  • Turkish: Turkish Kitchen. Freshly baked bread, made when you order.
  • Chinese: Good One BBQ. Best for roast pork or chilli pepper prawns. (Alternatives: Tak Chee BBQ, Taurus)
  • Yum Cha: Dim Sim Cafe. Try the Shanghai dumplings. (Alternatives: Yummy BBQ, Dragon Seafood)
  • Vietnamese: Vin Hong. I always get pho tai or com tam with fresh lemon soda. (Alternative: Lido)
  • Ramen: Dosukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea. Go the pork ramen with miso base. (Alternative: Nao Ramen)
  • Cafe: Source Foods. Be impressed by the immaculately-presented muesli and range of freshly squeezed juices.
  • Japanese: Fuji Sushi Station. Very good tuna sashimi. (Alternatives: Senoji, Sapporo, Hayashi)
  • Indonesian: Sparrow. Have a bit of everything with a glass of ice tea – no sugar. (Alternative: Bintang Cafe)
  • Pizza: Mancini’s Woodfired Pizza. I recommend the classic Margherita, the Bianca, or the Rustico. (Alternative: Palace Pizza)
  • Asian Bakery: Regent Cakes. Get a scallion roll if they have them… battle mild disappointment if they don’t.

From the entire list, I’d have to say that S&T Thai Cafe is absolutely my favourite. It easily gets my vote for best new restaurant of 2009, and the most authentic Thai restaurant in Perth.

There are also a few places that I only really go to for a specific meal (which appears to be far above the rest of their offerings):

  • Makan2: Roti pizza, ikan bilis, and teh ‘o ice.
  • Izumi: Inari sushi (oddly, not so common) and beef curry.
  • Tea Cafe: Hot lemon coke and one of the set menus… not sure which…
  • Kublai: Only when in the mood for Mongolian BBQ (a very specific mood).
  • Japanese Place at International Eating House on Albany Hwy: Teriyaki beef with lots of vegetables. (Their other food is also very good value).
  • Pancho’s Mexican Villa: The shredded beef used in some dishes… that is all.
  • Little Creatures: Roast pork with apple, and kangaroo on skewers (Kangababs?).
  • Clancy’s Fish Pub: Fried Mice… yeah that’s pretty much it.
  • Wagamama: Their apple, lime, and mint juice is very refreshing… such a shame about their food. 🙁

Finally, let’s have a moment of silence for Wasabi and Rice Bowl. Their beef bowl and buk kut teh were timeless – but unfortunately they were not. 🙁

Anyone out there have any other recommendations for eating out in Perth?

Update: Lebanese/Turkish correction.

6 thoughts on “Eating out in Perth”

  1. The sushi train in Freo has lovely inari sushi. I go there a lot because they have a big range of vegetarian sushi – inari, egg, vegetable, mushroom, potato salad (!), two types of seaweed sushi and vegetarian spring rolls. I feel spoiled when I go there.

  2. James: I’m off to Melbourne tonight, so no chance for com tam anytime soon! Unless… lunch…?

    Lisa: Thanks for the hot tip! I’ll let Heidi know – since she’s the total inari junkie. We usually avoid sushi, since she hates seaweed. However, she loves potato salad and likes vegetarian spring rolls… so maybe this presents an option… 🙂

  3. The Prophet is Lebanese, not Turkish. Ladies fingers and chicken livers for me. Very good food, but don’t choose a able near the window, in case there’s a drive-by shooting. Best Japanese would be Ha Lu (it’s izakaya style, so not traditional Japanese), and for David Thompson style Thai, try Nahm Thai (even if it is run by a Vietnamese husband and wife team). The 16 course tasting menu at Just Cafe is worth a try, and good value at $60, and they’ll do a vegetarian version of each and every course. Best overall restaurant is Restaurant Amuse in East Perth. Going there for my birthday soon – can’t wait!

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