Day 24: Green

It’s not easy being green. Work only with green-colored materials today. Try working on a green surface for a real challenge.

I had a bit more time today, and tried to stick closer to my primary theme: papercraft, with an eye to creating assets for a papercraft game.

Green. Green. Green. The first thing that entered my mind was grass, which led me to the idea of game tiles. I’m not sure if a papercraft hex grid would ever be practical, but I wanted to give it a go.

When considering options, I recalled that I really don’t like the feeling of paper tokens – they feel very flat and have clear cardboard edges. I didn’t want the tiles to feel like that, so I designed them with a bit of volume and in a way that lends itself to soft textured edges when folded and glued.

Anyhow, here is the final result:

DSCF1185And a printable design so that you can make your own if you so desire:



As always, here are some process shots. They show how the tiles are constructed to have soft edges (no hard folds, just bending and gluing):

Final note: My cutting mat is green, so I suppose I get free brownie (greenie?) points today for sticking to the daily theme.