Not sure how I feel about this painting.

The colours aren’t right, the eyes are too far apart, the nose is too long, and the whole thing has a flat feeling to it… but, it’s the first thing I’ve painted for a while now and that feels good.

It was also a fairly brief effort only involving an hour or so Sunday morning and another hour Sunday night. So, I could probably put it’s shortcomings down to polish… although that’s not quite right.

I think the real problem was that I was not very confident. This is rather apparant in the “flatness” of the image. It doesn’t feel right to put bold change in colour down on the canvas, but it needs to be there. Something I need to keep reminding myself about painting is the need to be resolute: if you see it, paint it.

Mouse-drawn mini-comic

I’ve been using DrawTop quite a bit recent and have been getting better at drawing things with the mouse.

I was just practising in GIMP and made a short sequence of images and text. Probably a little artsy and rough for my tastes, but I figured that I may as well post it regardless.

I used black on white and the pencil tool with a 11 pixel circle (original image size was 640×480).

Images get worse after the jump. Continue reading “Mouse-drawn mini-comic”

Synfig: GPL vector animation software

Looks like it is probably still a bit early in development to use for any production work. However, might be worth checking out.


“Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources. While there are many other programs currently on the market to aid with the efficient production of 2D animation, we are currently unaware of any other software that can do what our software can.”