Another reason to keep your data away “The Man”


The intervention by News Corp in the traditionally open-access world of the web – in particular the alteration of personal user profiles – provoked a storm of angry posts in online “blogs”.

Who couldn’t see this coming when News Corp bought (the now ironically named) MySpace? Will this sort of thing create a backlash against efforts like Gmail, livejournal, and blogger? When will people say “this is my information!” or “this is our information!”.

Chicken Little in Digital 3D!

I saw Chicken Little in Digital 3D at Innaloo with Heidi and Phil. The movie itself was quite amusing with a hole swag of popular culture references (which may make it fairly dated in future), but I was (initially) more interested to see how the 3D presentation worked out.

When buying the tickets we had to pay an extra $2 each and were given cheesy polarised glasses (Gosh, they look just like Chicken Little’s!). These glasses worked incredibly well. We sat in the most central seats we could find (not difficult as the cinema was nearly empty) and the 3D was very clear. Another thing that stood out was the clarity of the image (probably due to the digital projection).

Recommended viewing. The biggest shortcoming of the film (to me) was the characterisation of the father. His personality seemed inconsistent with his apparant past.

I kept the polarised glasses to play around with. I figure that I can try to polarise projected light with one pair and view it with another. Maybe if I get a couple of flashlights and print stereo images onto transparent film…

Update: uploaded photo.