Flying car in Perth?

I saw this story on The Register about a flying car captured in an image on Google Maps. Here’s an image from the story (and originally from Google Maps I assume):

Nothing amazing. Maybe a bit of overzealous reporting, but they could be testing something like this out in the bush… I suppose… maybe… except this is supposedly in a frequented park area in the middle of freaking suburbia!

My vote is that the image depicts a white car next to a (very) black car. Thoughts?

Dodging the blue shell in Mario Kart DS

The most afeared special item in Mario Kart DS has got to be The Blue Shell (of doom!). It homes in on the current race leader, smacks into them, and explodes. The end result being that it slows down the race leader (and anyone else caught in the explosion) by 2 seconds or so!

I’ve tried many times to dodge the blue shell in Mario Kart DS, but all of my attempts have been unsucessful. So I decided that I needed to search the web for a definitive answer! Is it possible?

I found this thread on Gamespot that claimed it was possible with a well-timed drift boost. Okay, that’s pretty cool. There’s even a video or two linked to demonstrate the required skills.

And then there is this video:

It shows how to fire a blue shell at yourself when you are leading the race, and then dodge it so that it takes out the person following you. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy stuff.