How to return telephone calls (Part 2)

After numerous bad experiences with real-estate agents not getting back to me, I decided to create a brief pamphlet explaining the fine art of returning telephone calls.

Here is the result:

I think that I’ll keep this handy and send copies to companies whenever I’m on the receiving end of exceptionally poor service rather than informative return telephone calls.

How to return telephone calls (Part 1)

I’ve had to deal with many bad real-estate agents in the past few weeks. A number of which don’t seem to see a need to return our calls or even turn up to organised property inspections.

As a result, I’m creating a pamphlet entitled: Don’t be a tele-phoney, even you can learn how to return calls!.

Here’s a teaser:

I plan on sending these onto people who continually fail to return our calls. Maybe it will help them out. More likely, it will just make me feel a little better.

I should mention that not all real-estate agents we have dealt with have been bad. In particular, we found Ali from GOW Real Estate to be very professional.

Update: Images created using content from It’s a growing resource of public domain vector graphics. Check it out!