PSP redesign

It had to happen eventually! After my multiple previous Nintendo DS redesigns and my XboxMove concept handheld, and with rumours of a new model PSP floating about the ‘net, I had to give the PSP a virtual makeover. I hadn’t bothered with a PSP redesign before because… well.. frankly, it’s already pretty damn sexy.

I decided to make this one a (much more practical) clamshell design, but tried to keep the style very close to the original PSP. After spending some time working with images of the original PSP, I don’t actually think Sony’s design is going to age well. That logo and silver circle on the back in particular… it’s so… 2005.

As you can see, I’ve recessed all the controls and changed the analog button (often complained about) to an analog stick, moved it somewhere useful (another common complaint), and added a second stick (everyone’s PSP dream!). The control layout is the same as the Dual Shock 2 controller, so that should keep people happy 🙂

So there it is. I like how the unit looks when closed, but there is something that irritates me about all that empty space when the unit is open. I feel like adding another screen… 🙂

Thoughts? Comments? All are appreciated.

A size comparision to the real PSP and individual images of the open console, front, and back are after the jump.

Update: Fixed images (dpad down arrow and playstation logo).
Update: Fixed “promotional flyer” image (the console was the wrong size!).

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