PSP redesign

It had to happen eventually! After my multiple previous Nintendo DS redesigns and my XboxMove concept handheld, and with rumours of a new model PSP floating about the ‘net, I had to give the PSP a virtual makeover. I hadn’t bothered with a PSP redesign before because… well.. frankly, it’s already pretty damn sexy.

I decided to make this one a (much more practical) clamshell design, but tried to keep the style very close to the original PSP. After spending some time working with images of the original PSP, I don’t actually think Sony’s design is going to age well. That logo and silver circle on the back in particular… it’s so… 2005.

As you can see, I’ve recessed all the controls and changed the analog button (often complained about) to an analog stick, moved it somewhere useful (another common complaint), and added a second stick (everyone’s PSP dream!). The control layout is the same as the Dual Shock 2 controller, so that should keep people happy 🙂

So there it is. I like how the unit looks when closed, but there is something that irritates me about all that empty space when the unit is open. I feel like adding another screen… 🙂

Thoughts? Comments? All are appreciated.

A size comparision to the real PSP and individual images of the open console, front, and back are after the jump.

Update: Fixed images (dpad down arrow and playstation logo).
Update: Fixed “promotional flyer” image (the console was the wrong size!).

It’s not really that much smaller than the real PSP, but I think it makes it small enough to comfortably put on a pocket. Also, since it’s a clamshell, you could actually do that without worrying about the screen!

Hmmm, when looking at the image below I realised that I forgot to add the Playstation logo to the top right corner… oh well. (Update: fixed!)

I also didn’t bother drawing buttons around the “start”, “select”, and other options… um… it’s a “feature”…

Disclaimer: I don’t have a PSP or a Memory Stick DUO, so I have no idea if the Memory Stick slot in this redesign is actually big enough.

4 thoughts on “PSP redesign”

  1. Hmm… pretty cool. 🙂

    I’m not sure they will go for the clamshell affect though. Probably too similar to DS? or SP?

    I dunno… there’s something warm and fuzzy that happens with the screen *between* your hands…. or perhaps it’s just me.

    I hear they want to put a camera on it too…

  2. Warning: this comment is rated M: it contains:

    – adult themes
    – partial nudity

    there’s also something warm and fuzzy that happens with the screen “between” your legs…. or perhaps it’s just me.

    ( . ) ( . )

  3. i was looking for a psp that looks like GBA SP… without the UMD driver just memstick coz psp games nowadays are free download.. i wish theres like that.. its hard to play the original design while sitting on a chair and look down while your arms got tired.. you have to align the screen to your eyes makes my wrisk got stress.. with GBA SP flip top lid style you can rest your hands

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