V for Vandetta

The movie based on Alan Moore‘s comic book of the same name is coming out next Thursday (30 March). It stars Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman.

I’m keen to see it on the following Monday (2 April). It should be less crowded than “tight-arse” Tuesday and around the same price when using student tickets or cinema cash. Anyone else interested?

Image from the Alan Moore Fansite

Trip to Rottnest

A couple of days ago Heidi and I got on a ferry:

and headed to Rottnest Island:

It was my first time there (apparantly unheard of for someone who has lived in Perth for more than a few years) and very enjoyable.

We spent our time bike-riding (10km on the first day, 20km on the second), swimming, eating (overpriced food), and playing mini-golf (it was a pretty good course).

Conclusion: Yeah, I’d go again 😀