V for Vendetta thoughts

I saw V for Vendetta last night and rather enjoyed it. Probably in no small part because it involves sticking it to the man.

I do have a few misgivings and I’d really like to know if the film is actually good in its own right, or if it’s just that V for Vendetta (the story) is strong enough in spite of the film adaptation. Maybe this accounts for the mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and that while triplej didn’t like the film, it’s readers seem to strongly disagree (see the comments at the bottom of their review).

Regardless of whether this was the “ideal adaptation”, the core theme and the amazing imagery were very strikingly portrayed in the film.

Conclusion: Highly Recommended

Note: More thoughts after the jump (includes possible spoilers).

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Snoop Spotting

I was having lunch at a Japanese Restaurant on the corner of Hay Street and Hill Street and I saw Snoop Dogg and entourage piling into two Avis rental vans. It was fairly odd. The vans weren’t even pimped out.

Since living in the city I’ve happened upon a few celebrities. I walked past Dinosaur Jr on the day of their Perth concert. I also witnessed a woman yell and grab Billy Connelly as he walked by. He didn’t seem very impressed.

There was a family with a video camera at the nearby traffic lights and when they noticed it was Snoop they immediate started recording. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I suppose that I could have taken a photo with my mobile phone, but (aside from not being interested in having a photo of Snoop) it just seems… rude.