V for Vendetta thoughts

I saw V for Vendetta last night and rather enjoyed it. Probably in no small part because it involves sticking it to the man.

I do have a few misgivings and I’d really like to know if the film is actually good in its own right, or if it’s just that V for Vendetta (the story) is strong enough in spite of the film adaptation. Maybe this accounts for the mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and that while triplej didn’t like the film, it’s readers seem to strongly disagree (see the comments at the bottom of their review).

Regardless of whether this was the “ideal adaptation”, the core theme and the amazing imagery were very strikingly portrayed in the film.

Conclusion: Highly Recommended

Note: More thoughts after the jump (includes possible spoilers).

The film was spotty in parts and I’m not sure if this was due to “staying true to the original material” or “redirecting the story towards a film audience”. The things that stood out as possibly a little naff were the almost caricatured fascist scenes and blatant symbolism. I also wondered if there are allusions to V having “super powers” in the comic book. That seemed slighty tacked on to me.

I should mention that although I’m aware of the original comic book series by Alan Moore, I’ve never read it and don’t know much about it aside from the iconic mask and overall theme. I did find The Ferret and IGN‘s comic/film comparisons rather interesting and have resolved to buy the graphic novel to decide for myself. After all, The Watchmen was excellent.

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  1. I watched it last night too, without knowing anything about the movie or the comics. The story was good; very fitting with the current political situation. Writers/directors/producers of big movies have immense power to get messages out to the masses; hopefully it will get some people to have a think. Some of the action was overdone, but I too enjoyed it.

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