Phoenix Wright translated into geek

Phoenix Wright is surprisingly well translated.

They’ve adapted everything from stupid puns to pop-cultural references. I definitely wasn’t expecting these choice quotes from a character called “Sal Manella”:

WTF? Who are j00 d00dz!? LMAO!
Whatever, l4m3rs!
I make teh L33T SH0WZ!

More quotes (with possible spoilers, but not really) after the jump.

Update: Another surprising quote: “Shut your pie-hole!”
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Cheap laser printers at Officeworks

I was at Officeworks in East Perth yesterday and noticed that they have a couple of cheap monochrome laser printers on sale. I was in a bit of a rush and didn’t pay much attention, but I remember that one is a Brother for $149 and the other is a HP for $199.

I think that the Brother model is the HL-2040 which I bought earlier this year. I still haven’t had to change the toner and it works very well under Ubuntu.