Phoenix Wright translated into geek

Phoenix Wright is surprisingly well translated.

They’ve adapted everything from stupid puns to pop-cultural references. I definitely wasn’t expecting these choice quotes from a character called “Sal Manella”:

WTF? Who are j00 d00dz!? LMAO!
Whatever, l4m3rs!
I make teh L33T SH0WZ!

More quotes (with possible spoilers, but not really) after the jump.

Update: Another surprising quote: “Shut your pie-hole!”

In one scene Sal comments on Mia’s outfit:

Hey, do j00 do a lot of “cosplay,” coz that costume r0x0rz!… *drool*

To which she replies:

Rocksores!? Wh-wh-what… Hey! You’re drooling!

Which Sal responds:

Huh? Mmph! LOL! Buffer overrun! *pant*