OneTwenty shirts!

OneTwenty decided to make shirts so that we could all match at tonight’s Perth Massive. It turned out to be a real learning and bonding experience; staying up until 4:30am waiting for the screen to dry after your second attempt at making a stencil failed will do that to you!

I’ll post more details on our failures and successes in future, but for now behold the majesty of one of our OneTwenty shirts:


Ah the majesty! But how much did it all cost?… probably too much. Although we do now have the equipment and skills to make as many shirts as we want. We’ll have different shirts for every event! He’s a discussion of costs that I had with spinboy:


Check back in the next few days for the making-of pictures. Also, stop by the Massive and say hi to all the OneTwenty members modelling these shirts!

Thanks to everyone who made these shirts happen. In particular: Minh, Mash, Jason, and Jim!